About the key

If you don't have a key, you can still use the crossword solver. However, if any of your queries returns more than 20 words, only the first 20 in alphabetical order will be shown to you. You can narrow the search string to get the rest of the response.

If you know the key, enter it here and you will be shown all the resultant words for any query.

To obtain the key, send a Rs. 400 ($10) draft / money-order to Hardeep Singh, giving your email ID. The key shall be sent to you by email only. Seeing With C reserves the right to change the key or the amount to be sent for it at any time. However, all previous buyers will be mailed the new key for free at the email ID given by them. To know Hardeep Singh's postal address, send an email to seeingwithc@hotmail.com.

Thanks in advance for any money you are sending to me.

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