Seeing With C - Digital Camera Capability Index

DCC-index takes into consideration parameters related to a digital camera and computes a number that reflects the picture taking capability of the camera. The parameters include the pixel count, the optical zoom provided, and the size of the sensor. All these parameters are combined using a geometric weighted mean to calculate the DCC-index. This can be compared to a pipe thats carrying water - we would be interested in a measure of the internal diameter of the pipe to get an idea of the pipe's capacity. The higher the diameter, the greater volume of water it can carry. If the pipe rectangular rather than the usual round, we would need to multiply the breadth with the width to compute the index.
Note that actual picture quality would depend on a lot of factors not included in the index - in the same way that the actual quantity the pipe would carry would depend on the pumping capability of the pump.
In addition, the lens is an important factor in measuring the capability, but the only parameter included in this index pertaining to the lens is the zoom. I am open to suggestions as to how the lens capability can be better quantified.

Such an index can be useful in comparing cameras, for example when making a buying decision. Even otherwise, its good to have a quantitative figure on the capability of one's camera.
Example: Camera 1: HP Photosmart 935, 5.1MP, 3x Zoom. Camera 2: Canon A650IS Digital, 12MP, 6x Zoom
It might seem to be that camera 2 is much more capable, than camera 1. However, in truth the indexes are 28.29 and 73.36 respectively: camera 2 is only about twice more capable (in picture taking ability, not features) than first - in spite of having double pixel count and double zoom (a total capability of four times) - because the sensor size is almost same.

This is the formula:

where Pixels is the number of megapixels supported. This should be calculated using the highest image size - if the size is 3264*2448 then this parameter should be entered as 3264*2448/(1024*1024) which is 7.62MP.
Optical zoom and sensor size are self explanatory.
A spreadsheet is available to help calculate the index: DCCI.