The purpose behind SeeingWithC

The purpose of this website is to acquaint programmers with well known algorithms that can be used to simplify common tasks. Also, to look for alternatives to "common-sense" solutions to problems. It is also the aim of the author to document good algorithms, along with all information known about them and with sample implementations. In time, I also want the site to grow to serve as a ready reckoner - For this problem, these are the algorithms available this is how they can be implemented and here is a brief comparison between them. Thus, the main stress of the site is on the algorithm, not on its implementation. The implementation is provided only for people who need to use algorithms but do not have the time to code it themselves. However, a good understanding of the algorithms can ONLY be attained by implementing them yourself.

This site will not, however, provide detailed analysis of each algorithm discussed, although important results (those that will help in deciding the usability of the algorithm) will be mentioned. If anyone needs more information on any aspect of any algorithm, please contact me and I will provide references to the information.

Why did I choose C as the medium of implementation?

C was chosen because:

Suggestions and criticisms are welcome.