WordFinder instructions

This is a wild card based matcher. It searches in a database of 3.5 million words for the entered pattern.

A match means the entire string TEXT is used up in matching.

In the pattern string:

`*' matches any sequence of characters (zero or more)

`?' matches any single character

[SET] matches any character in the specified set,

[^SET] matches any character not in the specified set.

A set is composed of characters or ranges; a range looks like character hyphen character (as in 0-9 or A-Z). [0-9a-zA-Z_] is the minimal set of characters allowed in the [..] pattern construct.

To suppress the special syntactic significance of any of `[]*?!^-\', and match the character exactly, precede it with a `\'.

For example:

'as*da' matches all words starting with 'as' and ending in 'da'.

Words containing three V's can be found by entering *v*v*v*.

'a???s' matches 5 letter words starting with a and ending with s.

'[aeiou]*' matches all words starting with a vowel.

'[^a-m]*' matches words not starting with letters from a to m.